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Duroc pig heritage breed

Heritage Pork Breed Selection Considerations

by Kelly Klober I’ve been around the hog business for 50-plus years, saw the Ohio Improved Chester breed go extinct and the Mulefoot come close and the demand for heritage pork arise. I was on the auction seats when boars sold for five figures and had butcher hogs to sell when the price per pound […]


Organic Versus Conventional Milk Fatty Acids

A team led by a Washington State University researcher has found that organic milk contains significantly higher concentrations of heart-healthy fatty acids compared to milk from cows on conventionally managed dairy farms. While all types of milk fat can help improve an individual’s fatty acid profile, the team concludes that organic whole milk does so […]

Weed control Amaranth

Fungus May Offer Natural Weed Control

A naturally occurring fungus may prove useful in the weed control fight against Palmer amaranth, an aggressive southern weed that can grow at the rate of 2 inches a day and out-compete corn, cotton, soybean and other crops for resources, potentially reducing their yields. Weed Control Important to Avoid Glyphosate Resistance To make matters worse, […]