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Thinking Outside the Nestbox ─ Getting Started with Alternative Poultry

by Kelly Klober A few times in my life I have found myself on a very old homestead. When visiting them I am nearly always impressed at how they are laid out in such a thoughtful and efficient manner. On nearly every one a section of the farmyard was given over to poultry care, a […]


Organic Intercropping System Boosts Yields

Intercropping vegetable species that serve a specific role in production — from weed suppression to soil fertility to growth habit — improve crop yields over the entire system compared to a monoculture crop, according to results of a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education-funded study. Jose Franco, a graduate student in the Department of Ecosystem […]

Companion planting

Companion Planting: The Magic of Corn, Beans and Squash

Everything in nature is related. There are no solid lines between the plants’ roots, the soil and the bacteria and fungi tying it all together. To help understand why garden crops do or do not thrive, we are led into the enigmatic field of companion planting.