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David Mortensen Interview

Interview: Chemical Crutch — Examining the Industrial Agriculture Cycle of Dependence from a Whole-Systems Approach

David Mortensen, Ph.D. interviewed by: Chris Walters David Mortensen, Ph.D., is a professor of weed ecology at Penn State. Back in early 2012 he led a team of co-authors who produced a paper called “Navigating a Critical Juncture in Sustainable Weed Management.” The equivalent of an agricultural bombshell, it delivered unhappy news about the consequences […]


Tools of the Trade — Using Refractometers & Penetrometers

by Gary Digiuseppe Forage producers can measure the percentage of sucrose and other soluble content of their grasses with the use of a refractometer, although the accuracy of the reading can be dependent on the cost of the instrument. Martin Capewell, owner of Agriculture Solutions LLC in Strong, Maine, says an analog refractometer costs around […]


Bugs as Bio-Control

University of Adelaide Ph.D. student Rebecca Kittel has discovered 18 new species of tiny parasitic chelonine wasps which have potential to be used as biological control (bio-control) agents as they specifically target individual varieties of moths. The adult wasps inject their eggs into the eggs of host moths. The wasp larvae feed and develop inside […]


Restaurants Seek Unique Local Foods

Restaurant chefs and food purchasing managers who have bought local foods in the past are more likely to continue adding them to menus and store shelves, according to a team of researchers. “Past experiences will have an impact on buying local foods,” said Amit Sharma, associate professor of hospitality management, Penn State. “Restaurant managers who […]