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Apple Ridge Farm Eco-Farmers

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Apple Ridge Farm

Why did you begin farming? I started farming while in college to make a little extra money one summer and caught the bug. Have you always been an eco-farmer, or did you make a change? Yes, we’ve been farming sustainably since the beginning. What was the biggest hurdle you have overcome? The biggest hurdle has […]

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Smart Sowing for Natural Weed Control

New research results from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences report that weeds would have a tough time competing against crops such as corn, grains and beans if farmers were to alter their sowing patterns. “Our results demonstrate that weed control in fields is aided by abandoning traditional seed sowing techniques. […]


Ordering Chicks: Tips for Adding the Right Birds to Your Flock

Ordering chicks, for most of us, means that spring comes early in the poultry world. Here in Missouri we start planning out the mating groups in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Humans Have Huge Impact on Soil Loss

A new University of Vermont study on soil loss reveals that removing native forest and starting intensive agriculture can accelerate erosion so dramatically that in a few decades soil loss is as high as would naturally occur over thousands of years. Along the southern Piedmont from Virginia to Alabama — that stretch of rolling terrain between […]

a handful of ground in the hand of the man

Interview: SOS: Save our Soils — Dr. Christine Jones Explains the Life-Giving Link Between Carbon and Healthy Topsoil

To the pressing worldwide challenge of restoring soil carbon and rebuilding topsoil, the Australian soil ecologist Dr. Christine Jones offers an accessible, revolutionary perspective for improving landscape health and farm productivity. For several decades, Jones has helped innovative farmers and ranchers implement regenerative agricultural systems that provide remarkable benefits for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, […]

Biochar in Poultry Farming

Biochar: Helping Everything from Soil Fertility to Odor Reduction

Biochar is seen as a valuable soil amendment and much attention has been placed on using biochar to boost soil fertility and microbiology, upgrade soil structure and accelerate plant growth.