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Quail Hill Farm/Peconic Land Trust Eco-Farmers

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Quail Hill Farm/Peconic Land Trust

Why did you begin farming? I lived for a decade in Love Lane Cottage and Studio, Mousehole, on the Penwith Peninsula, Cornwall, England. When I learned that the cliff meadows, located at the end of our lane, were considered part of “the earliest ground in Britain,” how could I refuse? Have you always been an […]

Chasing the Red Queen

Book Review: Chasing the Red Queen ─ The Evolutionary Race Between Agricultural Pests and Poisons

by Andy Dyer, reviewed by Chris Walters It’s not often that satirical fiction offers a nearly perfect illustration of a scientific principle. Yet Lewis Carroll pulled it off in Through the Looking-Glass when Alice mentions to the Red Queen that running fast generally gets you someplace, at least in Alice’s experience. “‘A slow sort of […]


Natural Plant Toxins Aid Bees

Researchers studying the interaction between plants, pollinators and parasites report that in recent experiments, bees infected with a common intestinal parasite had reduced parasite levels in their guts after seven days if the bees also consumed natural toxins present in plant nectar. In this early and most comprehensive study of its kind, researchers at the […]