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Integrating Poultry into Multi-Species Operations

With the right tools for alternative feeding systems and pasture enrichment, farmers can successfully incorporate poultry into free-range, multi-species pasture or agroforestry production, based on the results of a USDA-ARS Arkansas study. The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SSARE)-funded project, “Integrating Free Range Poultry with Ruminant and Agroforestry Production in a Systems Approach,” examines […]

Godsell Farm Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Godsell Farm

Why did you begin farming? Our goal was and is to educate those interested in learning about farm life before technology took over and to promote the humane treatment of animals, all while making it a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages. A trip to the farm provides hands-on learning. We offer a hatchery […]


Grafting May Aid Watermelon Crop

The watermelon crop has declined dramatically in Washington because of disease, but Washington State University researchers are developing a solution that involves grafting watermelon plants onto squash and other vine plant rootstocks. “We’ve lost about a third of our state’s watermelon production over the last 10 years because of Verticillium wilt,” said Carol Miles, a […]

Organic Lettuce

Fish Fertilizer Meets Nitrogen Needs

The authors of a new study have found that hydrolyzed fish fertilizer holds promise as an economically feasible nitrogen source for growing organic vegetables. “Soluble organic nitrogen sources suitable for fertigation in organic vegetable production are much needed,” said lead author of the study, Charles Ogles. Ogles and colleagues at Auburn University studied the effects of […]

Pig Tales Book Review

Book Review: Tales from the Industrial Pork Complex

Book Review:  Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat by Barry Estabrook, review by Chris Walters “One Iowa pig accosted her owner in a pasture, and through grunts and nudges, led him to a barn where she had just given birth. The farmer assumed she was showing off her brood, but when he turned […]

Take the Pain Out of Farming

Take the Pain Out of Farming

by Jack Wax The animals that should be treated with the greatest care on most farms aren’t getting the attention they need. It’s not the health of livestock that is being overlooked: It’s the humans out in their fields or gardens all day or taking care of their animals. Farmers start out young and strong […]