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Mountain Meadows Farm Eco-Farmers

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Mountain Meadows Farm

Why did you begin farming? I love the land — hiking in West Virginia where I was born and raised, a World War II victory garden, fishing in Canada, and duck and goose hunting on a wheat farm in North Dakota. Have you always been an eco-farmer, or did you make a change? Yes. As […]

Top Herd Health Problems, Natural Solutions

Top Herd Health Problems, Natural Solutions

by Jerri Brunetti The following reports are based on the gleanings of a number of animal owners who have utilized “traditional” methods on their livestock herd with various rates of success. These suggestions/reports have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and are not intended to act as a substitute for proper professional care, i.e. […]


The Soil Solution: 10 Keys

Soil health directly affects plant, animal and human health. It also impacts topsoil erosion, water management and ocean pollution. Most importantly, it is now recognized that climate change is directly related to soil mismanagement. I believe a global soil health initiative can help save our planet. The Top Five Threats While in the UK, I […]


Integrating Sheep into Organic Production

Using domestic sheep rather than traditional farming equipment to manage fallow and terminate cover crops may enable farmers who grow organic crops to save money, reduce tillage, manage weeds and pests and reduce the risk of soil erosion, according to Montana State University and North Dakota State University researchers. The preliminary results are from the […]

Root nodules on hairy vetch.

Calculating the Value of Organic

A team of international scientists has shown that assigning a dollar value to the benefits nature provides agriculture improves the bottom line for farmers while protecting the environment. The study confirms that organic farming systems do a better job of capitalizing on nature’s services. Scientists from Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the […]

Lentil Underground Book Review

Book Review: Triumphs & Tribulations in the Heartland

Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America; by Liz Carlisle; book review by Chris Walters Liz Carlisle was four years into a good career as a country singer when the cognitive dissonance got to be too much. Better to let her tell it: “… Born and raised in Montana, I’d grown […]