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Large-Scale Community Farming

Large-Scale Community Farming — PrairiErth Shares Strategy, Lessons on Organic Transition

by Tamara Scully PrairiErth Farm’s 400 acres of Illinois fields are home to corn, soybeans, oats, wheat and alfalfa. They are also home to a diversity of livestock, 10 acres of vegetable crops, 10,000 square feet of hoop house growing areas and beehives. And they are certified organic. The farm, nestled within the Big Ag […]

Feral Heart Farm Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Feral Heart Farm

Why did you begin farming? To learn how to grow my own food and share that skill with others. Have you always been an ecofarmer, or did you make a change? Yes, I’ve always been an ecofarmer since I started farming. What was the biggest hurdle you have overcome? Accessing quality farmland and water. What […]


View from the Country: “Borrowing Dulls the Edge of Husbandry”

Ben Franklin, a favorite founder around this office as he was a writer, a publisher and a printer, is often quoted as saying “neither a borrower nor a lender be.” He did speak this wisdom, but didn’t coin the phrase. He was quoting Shakespeare who wrote these words as fatherly advice dispensed in Hamlet. The full quote is, “Neither […]

Marketing pork

Tips for Marketing and Selling Your Pork

How to Get Started with Marketing Pork When marketing pork, you get to pick the level of information that you share with your customer tribe on a regular basis. It has been my experience that most folks are interested in the general picture, but not the nitty-gritty details. That said, maybe your tribe is. Follow […]