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Electrical Conductivity: The Pulse of the Soil

Soil consultants have traditionally used electrical conductivity to measure salinity. Conductivity can tell us much more about the physical structure and health of the soil, though, and can help  indirectly measure crop productivity. When we walk into our home on a dark night, the first thing we usually do is turn on the lights. With […]

Eco-Ag 2017: Make the Most of the Conference

Eco-Ag 2017 Conference & Trade Show Columbus, Ohio Eco-Ag U.: Tuesday, Dec. 5-Wednesday, Dec. 6 Main Conference: Wednesday, Dec. 6-Friday, Dec. 8  Be an Acres Conference All-Star: • Catch a flick: We work hard to bring exciting, informative films to each conference for your viewing pleasure. The films are shown around lunchtime (12:30 p.m.), so […]


Calves: Rearing Them Right

Tips for rearing calves from former New Zealand dairy farmer, agricultural consultant, and all-round farming legend Vaughan Jones, interviewed by Stephen Roberts. Calf Rearing Starts Before Calving Vaughan, let’s talk first about the financial impact of correct calf rearing. If you are too busy, unsure about calf rearing, or don’t have the proper facilities, then […]

Andre Leu international director of Regeneration International

Expanding Organic Agriculture

Farmer, Author & International Organic Authority André Leu Discusses Expanding Scope of Regenerative and Organic Agriculture and its Existing Challenges As two-term president of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (better known as IFOAM — Organics International), André Leu has logged hundreds of thousands of air and land miles on behalf of sustainable farming. […]

Vermiwash made with loving attention in a small biodynamic apple orchard in the
Himalayan foothills of Uttaranchal in sight of Nanda Devi, India’s second highest

Homemade Fertilizers

With the economy and farm finance more and more problematic, interest is growing in running farms with fewer, more accurate, and less expensive inputs and homemade fertilizers can help cut costs and keep fertility on the farm. Formerly we’ve overdosed with a plethora of harsh fertilizers — especially nitrogen. As a result we’ve burned up […]


Aphid Control: Lady Beetle as Beneficial Insect

When searching for aphid control measures, turn to nature first. Numerous vendors sell beneficial insects via their websites along with offering plenty of useful information. For example, ARBICO Organics (Arizona), Orcon (California), Gardens Alive (Indiana), and Nature’s Control (Oregon) sell insect predators in large numbers and at least one vendor sells it as a “beneficial […]