2019 Farming Evolution Event to Feature Christine Jones

The 2019 Farming Evolution event will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, February 20 & 21, 2019. The Phillips County Event Center on the Fairgrounds just north of Holyoke, CO, will house the event.


Christine Jones

Christine Jones head and shoulders

Christine Jones, a soil ecologist from Australia, will be the headline speaker. Over several decades, Jones has worked with farmers and ranchers using renewing practices. After a highly respected career in the public sector, she began to promote the benefits of soil carbon throughout the world.

Read an interview with Christine Jones on soil and carbon here.

Jones will spend a good deal of time explaining how we can build new top soil. She’ll transition to the amazing power of diversity. She’ll also talk about how pasture cropping can benefit the soil and producer. Pasture cropping is seeding annual crops into former cropland seeded to grasses. This includes CRP, Soil Bank, or go back lands. You can learn more about Jones at

Jones was also a speaker at the 2017 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. Download her keynote presentation about the liquid carbon pathway and common mycorrhizal networks here.

Want to learn Jones’ 5 core principles for soil restoration? Read her feature article from Acres U.S.A. magazine for free here.

Raj Khosla

Raj Khosla will speak about precision nutrient cycling and the precision climate smart agriculture. Khosla was named 2015 Precision Ag Educator of the Year by the Precision Ag Institute. He will explore the connection between soil variability and precise crop inputs. He will also discuss using remote sensing techniques to identify crop nitrogen stress in irrigated corn and to detect weeds.

Seeing is believing, and nothing makes an impression like a Rainfall Simulator. Seeing how water behaves on soils with different tillage & cropping histories is fascinating every time.

Candy Thomas

Do you know how nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorous cycle in the soil? Candy Thomas will share both how they cycle and why that matters to you. Thomas is the soil health specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for Kansas and Nebraska.

Eric Westra

“Managing Herbicide Resistant Weeds” is the topic for Eric Westra.  Eric is a research associate with Todd Gaines at Colorado State University.  He will discuss identifying and managing problem weeds.

Scott Speck

Scott Speck will share the decision-making opportunities satellite imagery provides. Speck is the digital ag lead for Western Plains in Gothenburg, NE. Information on emergence, irrigation, soil variance, pests and diseases are all available from satellites.

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A panel of ‘pilots’ will discuss the topic of “Drones: Toy or Tool?” There will also be a producer panel on hand to share their no-till/soil health journey.

There will be a mixer after the program on Wednesday to visit with speakers and exhibitors.

Agenda, lodging and eatery information is available online at

Registration by Friday, February 8, 2019, is $30 for one day and $40 for both days. Late registration and at the door is $40 for one day and $50 for both days. Breaks, lunches, and all handout materials are included.

Registrations are accepted online or in person/by phone at the NRCS Office in Holyoke. To register online, go to Use the ‘payment method’ drop down to pay by credit card on-line or to select ‘pay by check’. At the door payment option will be available for late registrations.

The Farming Evolution Event is hosted by the Haxtun, Morgan, Sedgwick and Yuma County Conservation Districts, the Upper Republican River Natural Resources District.  The Colorado State Conservation Board, NRCS, and Pheasants Forever provide financial support.


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