Tractor Time 69: Croatan Institute’s Lauren Manning on Regenerative Finance

3 months ago
Jessica Smith

Listen as Lauren Manning discusses the challenges prevalent in the up-and-coming world of regenerative ag industry and finance.

Regenerative Poultry: Setting Up the Main Street Project

Learn more about the setup of the Main Street Project in this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin's book…

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Building Soil for Water Management with Keyline Design

The following is an excerpt from the book Water for Any Farm by Mark Shepard and published by Acres U.S.A.…

3 months ago

Tractor Time 68: Dr. James White, Jeff Lowenfels, and Laura Decker on Soil Microbiology

In this Tractor Time podcast episode featuring Dr. James White, Jeff Lowenfels and Laura Decker, we discuss why microbiology is…

4 months ago

Special Podcast Episode: ‘Teaming With’ Jeff Lowenfels and Dr. James White

In this special episode, Jeff Lowenfels and Dr. James White discuss the new science behind how endophytic bacteria supplies nutrients…

4 months ago

Tractor Time Episode 67: Anne Biklé and David Montgomery

Anne Bikle and David Montgomery are top-notch researchers and recently published "What Your Food Ate" on regenerative agriculture tactics.

4 months ago

How Vermicast Benefits Soil and Plants

By Rhonda Sherman This excerpt is adapted from Rhonda Sherman's The Worm Farmer's Handbook: Mid- to Large-Scale Vermicomposting for Farms,…

5 months ago

Soil Health in Focus at First Colorado STAR Event

View photos from the first Colorado STAR event held in Monte Vista, Colorado, focused on soil health management practices, including…

6 months ago

How to Use Vinegar Extracts to Enrich Your Soil

Welcome to Book of the Week – a weekly feature offering you a glimpse between the pages of an Acres…

6 months ago

Go Lean: Ten Types of Farm Waste

The following excerpt is from Ben Hartman’s book The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables: More In-Depth Lean Techniques for…

7 months ago