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Learn how to identify and choose the best soybean seeds for high quality crops and production yields.

GMO soybeans aren't necessary for high quality production

Are GMO Soybeans the Way to Go?

Considerable experience by sustainable and organic farmers has shown that it is not necessary to grow high-tech crops to obtain high yields and to pro­duce high quality, nutritious food.

Soybeans still in the field and ready for harvest.

Tips for Saving Soybean Seeds

Soybean seeds should be dried to about 13% moisture and kept in ventilated containers.

soybean field spring

Choosing the Right Soybean Seeds for Your Farm

There is an amazing number of soybean varieties. Just about every valley in China, Japan and Korea grows its own variety, adapted to local conditions. A collection of over 10,000 strains of soybean seeds is maintained by the USDA. A glance of an assortment of these seeds reveals seeds of every color and description—some red, […]