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Learn the best methods for harvesting soybeans, as well as storage, seed management and measuring yield quality.

soybean seed management

Soybean Seed Management

In selecting which variety you wish to plant, assuming you are growing field soybeans, you need to consider several things. First, buy the best quality seed you can find. Certified tested seed is usually worth the cost.

measure soybean quality

Measuring Soybean Quality

Healthy plants will produce more nutritious food and seeds with more protein and oil. High quality seed will have a higher test weight.

soybean moisture chart

How to Dry Soybeans

To prevent seed coat cracking, drying air should be above 40% relative humidity. The relative humidity of air is approximately cut in half for every 20 degrees F. rise in temperature. Say the outside humidity is 100% at 50 degrees F. If you raise your drying air to 70 degrees F., its humidity will be […]

harvesting soybeans

Harvesting and Storing Soybeans

The beans contain 45-55% moisture when mature (filled) and must dry down before being harvested. When field mature, seeds, pods and stem turn yellow. About four to nine days later, all pods on the plant have turned brown. At this point, seed moisture is about 33%. With good drying weather, the beans should be ready […]