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Learn the best practices for planting soybeans, including sustainable soil management, to create the highest quality yields.

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Soybean Tillage Types: Traditional, No-Till and Ridge-Till Methods

The tillage methods you use for soybeans should depend on your climate, soil type, slope, crop rotation, machinery and costs.

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Planting Soybeans: Calculating Density, Depth & Method

To achieve a desired soybean plant population, you need to calculate the number of seeds required. Some seeds will not germinate, and some that germinate will not become established because of weather, pests or disease. Generally, if the seedbed and planter are good, about 90 to 95% of germinated seedlings will become established.

Instead of clean rows, some farmers have success with more biodiversity in their fields.

Soybean Planting: Intercropping and Rotations

Soybeans are also often grown in a double-cropping system, with two crops being grown in the same year.

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Soybean Seedbed Preparation

Soybeans need a lot of moisture to germinate (50% of their weight). Soil moisture must be sufficient at planting depth.

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An Introduction to the Organic No-Till Farming Method

Many organic farmers are accused of overtilling the soil. Tillage is used for pre-plant soil preparation, as a means of managing weeds, and as a method of incorporating fertilizers, crop residue, and soil amendments. Now, armed with new technologies and tools based on sound biological principles, organic producers can begin to reduce or even eliminate […]