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Lisa Kivirist serves a guest on her farm.

Women in Agriculture Supporting One Another

According to the 2012 census, at least 30 percent of all farm operators in America are women, and women are currently the fastest growing group of organic and sustainable farmers. According to the 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics, female farmers are out-earning their male counterparts by approximately 16 percent.

Andre Leu international director of Regeneration International

Opinion: Pesticide Safety Unproven (André Leu)

It might surprise you to learn that there is no scientific proof of safety for the majority of the pesticides, additives or chemicals that companies put in our food and our body care and household products. Most are not tested, and when there is testing, it misses the vast majority of diseases at the normal […]

Transplants in paper pots

Paper Pot Transplanters for Organic Operations

The paper pot transplanter is a specialized tool in small-scale farming used for high-density plantings of cut greens, scallions and other row crops. They are generally used as a labor-saving alternative to direct seeding or transplanting by hand.

Grape Vine damage caused by herbicide drift

Dealing With Herbicide Drift

The degree to which crops are damaged from drift depends on the level of the susceptibility of the crop, its growth stage, environmental conditions, herbicide formulation, droplet size and the spray height above the target.

Farmers doing yoga in a barn

Why Mindfulness is Essential for Farmers and Their Health

As farmers we face weather extremes, deadlines, unforeseen calamities and a variety of demands on our minds, bodies and bank accounts. We work days that can stretch far into the nights regardless of the conditions outside. To sum it up, farming can wear a person down, fast. So what is yoga? It isn’t really necessary […]

Farmers Supporting Farmers

Farmers Supporting Farmers

Advocate, Teacher, Researcher and Author Eric Holt-Giménez Discusses the Global Food System, Economics & Peasant Farmers Since 2006 scholar and activist Eric Holt-Giménez has been executive director of Food First(Institute for Food and Development Policy), a people’s think tank founded by Frances Moore Lappé in 1975. As a leading critic of the global food system his work is […]