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Learn all you need to know about raising healthy cattle. This section features articles on holistic practices, and techniques for creating a sustainable system with your cattle within your operation.

shutterstock_heat stroke

Preventing & Treating Heat Stroke in Cattle Herds

Cows will graze much better in the early morn­ing and cooler evenings than during bright daylight hours when it’s steaming.

Organic Guernsey cattle

Ideas for Treating Parasites on Organic Cattle Farms

Immunity to worms usually starts becoming effective at about 12 months of age.

Flies on a cow's eye.

Controlling Fly Populations Around Cattle

“Clean and dry” are cardinal terms for the keeping of livestock.

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Preventing Causes of Infection in Cattle

Parasites always take advantage of the fact that animals on farms are enclosed in the same spot.

Dr. Paul Dettloff

Tractor Time Episode 28: Dr. Paul Dettloff, V.M.D., author, livestock specialist (from 2007)

Dr. Paul Dettloff has spent 50 years in large animal veterinary practice, working with farmers all over the world to help them think differently.

Rumen graphic

Treating Rumen Acidosis in Cattle

When the rumen pH drops much below 6.0, Rumen acidosis begins to occur, burning the walls of the rumen.