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Learn all you need to know about raising healthy cattle. This section features articles on holistic practices, and techniques for creating a sustainable system with your cattle within your operation.

Just as it is essential that biological capital be generated when times are good, it is crucial that a financial cushion be built up when conditions are normal.

Drought Planning: Grassland Preservation

Drought planning and preparation should be a priority for most ranching operations, as ranches are likely to be located in areas of natural grassland and one of the formative factors for grasslands is erratic mois­ture availability. Drought is not just dry weather; drought occurs when there is a significant reduction in normal pre­cipitation. A desert […]

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What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk: The difference between beta-caseins A1 and A2 is a single amino acid. A2 has the amino acid proline at position 67 in its strand of 209 amino acids that form the protein, whereas A1 has the amino acid histidine at position 67.

A Randall cow and calf. Photo courtesy

Cattle Breeds: An Introduction to Randall Cattle

For farmers interested in old-time subsistence cattle for a homestead or small grass based dairy, Randalls may be just the ticket.

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Forages Affect Cattle Weight, Taste

Clemson University Experiment Station, Extension Service and College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences conducted a two-year experiment feeding Angus steers various forages, each enclosed in five-acre lots planted with alfalfa, Bermuda grass, chicory, cowpea or pearl millet. They reported their findings in the Journal of the American Society of Animal Science. The report revealed […]