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Vermont Valley Community Farm Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Vermont Valley Community Farm

Have you always been an eco-farmer, or did you make a change? David was born and raised on a diversified Wisconsin family farm. We conventionally farmed for three years on a farm before this one. At Vermont Valley we’ve always farmed organically. What was the biggest hurdle you have overcome? I don’t know that there’s […]

180 Degree Farm Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: 180 Degree Farm

Why did you begin farming? My wife and I purchased property in Sharpsburg, Georgia, eight years ago. We had envisioned building a house and starting a small farm. Soon after the purchase, my son Mason was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a childhood form of cancer. As Mason’s cancer became nonprogressive, we realized we needed […]

Spellcast Farm Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Spellcast Farm

Why did you begin farming? I began farming the day I was laid off from my high-paying job as a commercial real estate paralegal. The day I was laid off, I was due to pick up my first dairy goat. I almost did not due to worries about finances, but I’m glad I did. That […]

Diamond P Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Diamond P Farm

Why did you begin farming? I went looking for local food in our county at farmers’ markets and there was none, so I started a CSA on our farm with 10 members and over six years that morphed into a rent-a-row program where I now teach families in the community to grow their own food […]

Broad River Pastures Eco-Farmer

Meet an Eco-Farmer: Broad River Pastures

Why did you begin farming? I have loved working with animals since childhood and have always been fascinated with genetics and breeding. My husband Jon and I became foodies and locavores and spent a lot of time on farm tours and at farm conferences because of our interest in quality food. We started promoting farm […]