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Got allergies? Question GMOs.

Got Allergies? Question GMOs.

On the eve of the Federal government shutting the door on ever labeling foods made with genetically modified materials, it’s important to restate the science which shows problems with this grandest-ever of experiments with our health. The engineering of genetic material is not the surgical process we are led to believe. Genetic code is carried […]


View from the Country: “Borrowing Dulls the Edge of Husbandry”

Ben Franklin, a favorite founder around this office as he was a writer, a publisher and a printer, is often quoted as saying “neither a borrower nor a lender be.” He did speak this wisdom, but didn’t coin the phrase. He was quoting Shakespeare who wrote these words as fatherly advice dispensed in Hamlet. The full quote is, “Neither […]


Organic Agriculture Continues to Garner Validation

There are many ways to measure the progress of organic agriculture. We can tally the number of farmers who adopt organic practices, the acreage, crops and livestock they steward or the value of their sales. These numbers matter but by themselves are one dimensional and can’t convey the transformative effect which organic agriculture has over […]