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Hatching Eggs in an Incubator

When hatching for yourself, eggs can go into the incubator at just about any time of the week as long as they won’t later overtax brooding and growing facilities.

brooding hens in nest boxes

Working with Broody Hens

The containment for brooding hens should be some distance from other birds to keep the broodies calm and to prevent other hens from laying to their nest. A quiet, darkened area is best and many once built small, broody hen coops.

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Starting Your Flock the Fast Way

Ideally, you should acquire pairs or trios from two or three distinct genetic sources from which to then begin assembling your own breeding line. If finances won’t stretch that for — mine seldom do — try to acquire a trio of not too closely related birds from a single source.

large group of chicks

Starting a Flock with Baby Chicks

By Kelly Klober If you opt to start your heirloom flock with day-old baby chicks, you will have to allow time for them to develop and purchase them in the numbers that will allow for full and proper culling as they grow and develop. The old rule of thumb has been to order at least […]

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Ordering Hatching Eggs: What to Expect

Some of the rarest breeds and emerging hot varieties are often only available as hatching eggs.


Cockerel or Pullet? Sexing Chicks

There are a number of visual clues that many use to sex their own birds. These are oftentimes little more than folklore and you certainly won’t use them to guarantee chick sexes to buyers. Still they may have some merit and are worth considering — just don’t use them to cull through rare and valuable […]