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calf weaning

Weaning Dairy Cows on Pasture

Once the calves reach three months of age or older they need less milk and rely mainly on solid food.

shutterstock_heat stroke

Preventing & Treating Heat Stroke in Cattle Herds

Cows will graze much better in the early morn­ing and cooler evenings than during bright daylight hours when it’s steaming.

Fescue grass

More Grasses as Forage

Meadow Fescue is becoming increasingly popular as an ingredient of the simpler mixtures because, where choice is limited to one or two grasses, it is one of the most nutritious. It is a slow starter, but very productive; and once established is a heavy cropper. Unfortunately it is not, in my experience, as productive or […]


Ryegrass as Forage

The greatest virtue of Italian Ryegrass (and in these general terms I include the more recent grasses, Westerwolth’s Ryegrass and New Zealand H.I. strain, Short Rotation Ryegrass) is that it is possible, by planning sowings, to obtain grazing at any time of winter or summer at a predetermined period after sowing.

Close up of cocksfoot

Cocksfoot Grass as Forage

Of the pedigree pasture strains of Cocksfoot I have always found a combination of Aberystwyth S.26 and Aberystwyth S.143 gives the best results and, especially where separate mixtures are used for early grazing, there is no point whatever in including the purely hay strains of Cocksfoot, such as the Danish or the New Zealand strains […]

Kidney Vetch

Forage Mixtures: Poultry and Pigs

Chicory and Plantain are two of the herbs which pigs will choose before all other ingredients of the ley. They are also probably the two most productive of the herbs included in these mixtures.