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River or giant cane is the largest and most noticeable of the three native types of bamboo.

America’s Native Bamboo

Mention the word “bamboo” and visions of China, panda bears and exotic jungles readily come to mind for most of us living in the Western Hemisphere. Indeed, the majority of the 1,450 species of true bamboo found throughout the world originate in Southern and Southeastern Asian countries, with a few scattered species found in Africa […]

A Farmer's Guide to the Bottom Line by Charles Walters

Book of the Week: A Farmer’s Guide to the Bottom Line

By Charles Walters Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Acres U.S.A. original book, A Farmer’s Guide to the Bottom Line, by Charles Walters. Copyright 2002, softcover, 212 pages. Regular Price: $24.00. The greatest deterrent to a successful farming venture—as with any business—is having unreal expectations on the one hand, and doubts that the enterprise […]

APrecautionaryTale_cover_high res

Defending A Way of Life Against Pesticides

Professor, Farmer and Author Philip Ackerman-Leist Discusses How One European Town was Able to Push Back Against Pesticides, Big Apple to Save Their Traditions. In A Precautionary Tale Philip Ackerman-Leist tells the story of “how a group of unwitting activists in the small town of Mals, high in the Italian Alps, came together to confront […]

Don Jansen is shown here in front of the hydroponic garden at Gulf Coast University. The sign tells of an experiment by Ocean Grown Foods, Inc. The nutritional uptake of various plants, weight and production were all made parts of the experiment.

Full Nutrition with Sea Solids & Wheat Grass

Rancher, Farmer and Professor Don Jansen Discusses the Hidden Hunger of Plants, Animals The short biography that usually attends the presentation of an Acres U.S.A. interview is in fact contained in the questions and answers that follow. Here it is enough to point out that our conversation with Don Jansen of Fort Myers, Florida, is […]

Small Farms are Real Farms by John Ikerd

Book of the Week: Small Farms are Real Farms

By John Ikerd Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Acres U.S.A. original book Small Farms are Real Farms, by John Ikerd. Copyright 2008, softcover, 249 pages. Regular price: $20.00. After decades of betrayal by the agricultural establishment, farmers are finally beginning to fight back. For decades, so-called producers’ associations have been promoting the industrialization […]

Andre Leu

André Leu on Monsanto/Bayer Trial: Glyphosate Safety in Question

By André Leu The recent verdict awarding Dewayne Johnson $289 million, because a jury determined that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, caused his non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, will open the floodgates for thousands of more people suing the manufacturer, Monsanto/Bayer. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) gave glyphosate the second-highest […]