Forages Affect Cattle Weight, Taste

forages d3382-1Clemson University Experiment Station, Extension Service and College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences conducted a two-year experiment feeding Angus steers various forages, each enclosed in five-acre lots planted with alfalfa, Bermuda grass, chicory, cowpea or pearl millet.

They reported their findings in the Journal of the American Society of Animal Science. The report revealed that finishing steers on alfalfa and chicory during summer increased steer performance. The report also stated that finishing on legumes (alfalfa and cowpea) increased carcass quality, and in taste tests consumers preferred the flavor of the meat. Finishing on Bermuda grass and pearl millet improved the levels of healthy fatty acids.

This article appears in the November 2013 issue of Acres U.S.A.

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