brooding hens in nest boxes

Working with Broody Hens

The containment for brooding hens should be some distance from other birds to keep the broodies calm and to prevent other hens from laying to their nest. A quiet, darkened area is best and many once built small, broody hen coops.

cows eating pasture forage grass

The Anatomy of Grass

To understand all the relations of an organism, including maintenance with its present environment, we must follow ecological clues clear back to 250 million years ago. Man’s survival depends on finding out what started and stopped the explosive planet growth which made the fossil fuels possible.

shutterstock_cow water

Watering Tips for Cattle Herds

Cows can drink up to thirty gallons of water each day.

shutterstock_heat stroke

Preventing & Treating Heat Stroke in Cattle Herds

Cows will graze much better in the early morn­ing and cooler evenings than during bright daylight hours when it’s steaming.

Organic Guernsey cattle

Ideas for Treating Parasites on Organic Cattle Farms

Immunity to worms usually starts becoming effective at about 12 months of age.

Flies on a cow's eye.

Controlling Fly Populations Around Cattle

“Clean and dry” are cardinal terms for the keeping of livestock.