Protecting Local Pesticide Ordinances

As reported by Beyond Pesticides, last year, pesticide manufacturers tried to undo local pesticide ordinances in a large state-by-state lobbying effort. That failed. Now they are trying to get Congress to undo these local rules in one fell swoop through an amendment in the Farm Bill.

You have the chance to tell those in Washington, D.C., that parents and city leaders, not pesticide corporations, have the right to protect our children and pets from exposure to hazardous pesticides in the parks and school grounds where they play.

Bayer, which acquired Monsanto last year, has lobbied hard to kill community pesticide bans, as have other chemical companies, including Dow and CropLife America.

Section 9101 of the House farm bill would block local control to protect children’s safety from exposure to toxic pesticides where they play and go to school.

This new toolkit from Non Toxic Neighborhoods has sample letters that can be personalized, as well as mailing addresses and background info on the Farm bill and the environmental riders to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take action and mail in letters opposing Sec. 9101 in the House Farm bill for residents, to elected officials as well as groups like National Audubon Society.

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