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Chicken Breeds for Producing White Eggs

The white-shelled eggs can be produced organically, cage free, and on range. With the breeds as they are currently available, it may actually be possible to produce more large and extra-large eggs from the white egg layers than the brown.

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Ordering Hatching Eggs: What to Expect

Some of the rarest breeds and emerging hot varieties are often only available as hatching eggs.

Chris Pinto and Abra Morawiec at Feisty Acres Farm

Alternative Poultry: Getting Creative

Plenty of today’s small farmers have found productive and profitable means of pasturing chickens and turkeys, but sometimes chicken (or turkey) just isn’t enough. Heritage breeds expand a business’ poultry selection and increase the diversity of the farm.


Winter Poultry Care

Take stock of your flock facilities and management techniques for successful winters to come.

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Breaking into the Egg Business

The root to success with a laying flock, regardless of the breed, is to make the long-term commitment to careful breeding and performance upgrading. There have been a lot of fad breeds in poultry keeping of late, and many are not high per­formers in the laying house. Others have not been held to any performance […]

Brown and white eggs found at an outdoor market in NYC.

Eggs: Tips to Boost Production

Finding tips to boost egg production is important. Why? The fruit of the hen is one of the great staples of the human diet and is one of the major pillars of the local foods movement.