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Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies in Cattle Herds

Nutritional deficiencies in cattle herds probably revolve more around micronutri­ent minerals than protein or energy, although poor energy intake will definitely hinder conception.


Total-Mixed-Ration & Individuality in Feeding Animals

Allowing animals themselves to select pasture plants and freely choose various minerals provided allow them to satisfy their own unique set of dietary needs.


Cow Comfort: Alleviating Stress for Improved Production

As I listened to Tom and Sally Brown, organic dairy farmers from Groton, New York, describe their struggle with Johne’s, I was reminded of what Dr. Ann Wells, D.V.M., from Arkansas says about cattle stress and its relation to health. This makes so much common sense — not just for Johne’s, but for most diseases […]

An Angus calf grazes.

Livestock Grazing: The Organic Farmer’s Dilemma

Cattle need minerals, in adequate amounts and in a balance, just as the soil does. If minerals are in short supply in the feeds (dairy nutrition starts in the soil), you will certainly need to add supplements to the diet.

Brown and white eggs found at an outdoor market in NYC.

Eggs: Tips to Boost Production

Finding tips to boost egg production is important. Why? The fruit of the hen is one of the great staples of the human diet and is one of the major pillars of the local foods movement.