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Front cover of the book Weeds - Control Without Poisons

Book of the Week: Weeds — Control without Poisons by Charles Walters

Weeds seem to have a pecking order. Once the conditions that permit foxtail and fall panicum are erased, there will be other weeds, but none of them will be as difficult to control or as hazardous to crop production.

How to Grow World Record Tomatoes

Book of the Week: How to Grow World Record Tomatoes by Charles Wilber

In the United States more gardeners grow tomatoes than any other vegetable. Some say nine­ty-five percent of our gardeners grow tomatoes. Most anywhere you find food, tomatoes will be found in some form.

Sweet potato rooting

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes: Start Your Own Sweet Slips

Learning how to grow sweet potatoes is important. Not only are they an ancient food crop, a staple that has sustained and nourished mankind for thousands of years, but they are also highly nutritious. Sweet potatoes are the seventh most important food crop in the world.

Companion planting

Companion Planting: The Magic of Corn, Beans and Squash

Everything in nature is related. There are no solid lines between the plants’ roots, the soil and the bacteria and fungi tying it all together. To help understand why garden crops do or do not thrive, we are led into the enigmatic field of companion planting.