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Cattle Grazing Tips for Hot Weather

By keeping the grass and pasture height no less than three inches, there will be enough plant mass available for rapid regrowth when moisture comes along during the hot spell.

Alfalfa sprouts

The Best Soil for Your Forage

The place to begin with growing really great alfalfa and other forages is at the beginning—with establishing the stand. If the plants do not get off to a good start, they will likely be sickly, have disease and pest problems, yield poorly, and the stand may die out quickly.

Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature by Charles Walters

Book of the Week: Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature

By Charles Walters Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Acres U.S.A. original book, Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature, written by Acres U.S.A. founder Charles Walters. Copyright 2006, softcover, 320 pages. Regular price: $25.00. SALE PRICE: $17.50. What Is a Protective Food? It is well known that grazing animals can live on grass alone, and […]

In an existing landscape, adopting proper mowing practices is a critical step to creating a healthy lawn.

Natural Lawn Care

In terms of acreage devoted to pro­duction, grass in the United States cov­ers more than 40 million acres — as much as corn, wheat, soybeans and the next five top irrigated crops com­bined. Although in most cases, it has only aesthetic value, every year Americans devote much of their leisure time and discretionary in­come to […]