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Heritage Breed Chickens

There is, of course, nothing in the world like the taste of your own farm fresh, organic eggs and meat. Chickens are an easy way to begin food production on the homestead and work a little closer to self-sufficiency.

Locate the purest possible sources of a  breed’s genetics. The longer a particular flock’s history is, the better.

Chicken Breed Selection

Chicken breed selection can be a confusing prospect for the modern small farm laying flock. Sex-link birds will give you a great many light brown-shelled eggs of fair size right now, but they won’t build a sustainable and enduring flock. Small producers often need to do a better job of presenting their eggs for sale. Even if […]


Thinking Outside the Nestbox ─ Getting Started with Alternative Poultry

by Kelly Klober A few times in my life I have found myself on a very old homestead. When visiting them I am nearly always impressed at how they are laid out in such a thoughtful and efficient manner. On nearly every one a section of the farmyard was given over to poultry care, a […]