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Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies in Cattle Herds

Nutritional deficiencies in cattle herds probably revolve more around micronutri­ent minerals than protein or energy, although poor energy intake will definitely hinder conception.

Examining foliar health could give you the clues you need to find which nutrients and minerals are deficient, or in too much abundance.

Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies in Soybeans

If a plant is not getting the proper amounts of nutrient elements, it may develop certain symptoms, abnormal colors or growth defor­mities.

What is humus made of

What, Exactly, Is Humus Made Of?

The proportion of minerals has increased in cultivated soils during our era in comparison with past eras in which consistently humid heat promoted the formation of organic soil material over huge swaths of forest for thousands of years. The ratio between the organic and mineral portions of the material has shifted, to the detriment of […]

Yield and Calcium treatment

Soybean Plant Chemistry, with a Focus on Soil and Plant Calcium

Normal development of soybean plants, like any other growth performance, is distinctly a matter of proper nutrition.

Courtesy of Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients.

How to Read Tissue Analysis to Determine Corn Crop Health

Tissue analysis is a great way to verify soil additive claims. I am sure everyone has heard many claims about using this or that product will release nutrients locked up in the soil. What better way to find out than to use a tissue analysis and plant weights to really see if this is true.

Ask the Plant

Sourcing Fertility in the Soil

The book Ask The Plant is based on the agronomy of Esper “K.” Chandler, and offers farmers and growers a better way to grow plants that involves reading the unique language of plants, utilizing leaf and petiole testing, and in turn knowing how to produce a better crop using only the fertilizers and soil-building ingredients […]