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Organic Guernsey cattle

Ideas for Treating Parasites on Organic Cattle Farms

Immunity to worms usually starts becoming effective at about 12 months of age.

Flies on a cow's eye.

Controlling Fly Populations Around Cattle

“Clean and dry” are cardinal terms for the keeping of livestock.

shutterstock_tapeworm closeup

Preventing Causes of Infection in Cattle

Parasites always take advantage of the fact that animals on farms are enclosed in the same spot.


Natural Plant Toxins Aid Bees

Researchers studying the interaction between plants, pollinators and parasites report that in recent experiments, bees infected with a common intestinal parasite had reduced parasite levels in their guts after seven days if the bees also consumed natural toxins present in plant nectar. In this early and most comprehensive study of its kind, researchers at the […]