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Kidney Vetch

Forage Mixtures: Poultry and Pigs

Chicory and Plantain are two of the herbs which pigs will choose before all other ingredients of the ley. They are also probably the two most productive of the herbs included in these mixtures.

Grass mix

Forage Mixtures: Soil Types

The main essential of a mixture for thin soils, soils overlying and close to the rock, and in excessively dry countries, is that it should contain a predominance of the deepest-rooting varieties available, consistent with their production above the ground.


Forage Mixtures: Silage

In making the silage in the field, water to moisten the grass is not always practicable, and molasses, to sweeten it and set in motion desirable ferments, needs water to dilute it.

Herbal Silage

Forage Mixtures: General Purpose

The quantities of seeds making up the mixtures are the ideal for quick establishment and soil coverage; but where extra economy is necessary in seasons of high-priced seeds, the eventual pasture, though slower to ‘fill up,’ will be ultimately just as good with up to a third less seed, thus reducing the cost by one-third. […]

self serving silage

The Perks of Self-Serving Silage

The site of the heap varies from year to year, so there can be no question of concrete sides or base. And though straw bales might be possible, we don’t use them because they make no difference to the amount of waste on the sides of the heap. Waste at top and sides depends entirely […]

Corn waiting for harvest

Harvesting and Storing Corn

Generally, when growing corn for grain, you will want to plant a variety that has a short enough growing season to mature before frost, and plant it early to be sure it gives a high yield. The use of a high quality seed and a seed treatment also helps. On the other hand, for silage, […]