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Chick Nutritional Needs

Most baby chick feeds now are quite complete feeds onto themselves. They are sold in various small particulate, “crumbles” forms.

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Feeding Chickens

Poultry are fed to improve their performance, to advance the birds, and not to simply save money. Good feedstuffs are an investment in the current and future productivity of the flock or flocks.

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Boosting Breeding Bird Protein Levels

Most modern laying crumbles and pellets are quite good complete feeds and contain everything in them right down to a grit source. I like the pellets as there is less waste with them. They do not even need to be supplemented with scratch grains.

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Treating Parasites in Poultry

Parasite control does much to keep birds both comfortable and in a thrifty, productive condition. The birds can be affected by a number of different internal and external parasites. Fortunately, the options for their treatment and control have broadened dramatically in recent years.

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Caring for Ailing Chickens

In no way can all of the ins-and-outs of detailed poultry health care be outlined here, but the following are some measures and practices that have worked for us.

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Poultry Breed Classes

Long before the acquisition of even a single bird, flock creation begins with a number of preliminary steps. Each is designed to prepare the producer and his or her facilities for the selection and rearing processes.