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How to estimate plant populations per acre.

How to Estimate Plant Populations Per Acre

An accurate estimate of plant population per acre can be obtained by counting using a formula and this graphic.

High yields start with good seed and a good soil management system.

Corn Plant Average Yields

The very most basic thing for growing really good crops is good soil. Soil that is not only high in fertility, but is alive with beneficial organisms.

Understanding corn biology will help you increase your yields.

Corn Plant Biology

Corn, commonly called “maize” in much of the world, is America’s most valuable agricultural crop, with the United States producing nearly half of the world’s corn. Corn is a member of the large plant family, the grasses, to which other important crops such as wheat, oats, barley and rice also belong.

A cover crop mix of rye, clover and vetch.

Cover Crops on the Farm

Cover crops are increasingly being used by farmers across the country to suppress weeds, conserve soil, protect water quality and control pests and diseases.

A worker in the agricultural field.

Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World

Organic agriculture is the quickest, most efficient, most cost-effective and fairest way to feed the world.


Boron Plays Important Role in Corn Development

Boron deficiency is one of the most widespread causes of reduced crop yield. Missouri and the eastern half of the United States are plagued by boron deficient soil and, often, corn and soybean farmers are required to supplement their soil with boron; however, little is known about the ways in which corn plants utilize the […]