Lisa Kivirist serves a guest on her farm.

Women in Agriculture Supporting One Another

According to the 2012 census, at least 30 percent of all farm operators in America are women, and women are currently the fastest growing group of organic and sustainable farmers. According to the 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics, female farmers are out-earning their male counterparts by approximately 16 percent.

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Adding to Your Farm Crew: How to Hire and Keep Employees

I also ask them why they want this job. If their immediate response is, “I love working with plants,” then you probably have a winner. Remember, this is your livelihood and small mistakes can create whole batches of unmarketable plants.

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Calculating Income and Business Projections for Your Farming Operation

Any way you go, breaking down your costs is a very healthy exercise and reality check. Unfortunately people who get into the plant business are generally not number-oriented folks, but it really is an important step in implementing your plan.

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Operating A Subscription System Farm

Let us assume you have been through the start-up activity and have two or more years of experience selling at a farmer’s market. You will have some idea of how you do things, what you do best, what seems to grow best, and, in general, if you want to be serious about making a living […]


Direct Marketing and the Small Farm

To make a living on a small farm, we must cut out the middlemen who today make virtually all the profit between farm harvest and ultimate sale to the consumer. Subscription farming and good use of a farmstand allow the farmer to sell produce for substantially more than the normal wholesale price.

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How to Brainstorm a Successful Business System for Your Farm

What are your short-term and long-term goals and needs? Just for supplementary income or to start a whole new business? Do you want steady year-round income or will a seasonal operation meet your needs? Go through your ideas and pick out several that seem the most promising.