Ask the Plant

Book Excerpt: Ask The Plant by Charles Walters and Esper K. Chandler

The book Ask The Plant is based on the agronomy of Esper “K.” Chandler, and offers farmers and growers a better way to grow plants that involves reading the unique language of plants, utilizing leaf and petiole testing, and in turn knowing how to produce a better crop using only the fertilizers and soil-building ingredients […]

A Southpoll cow, bred specifically to perform well on grass in warm climates.

Grass-Fed Beef: 10 Keys to Getting Started

There are few agricultural activities more exciting these days than being able to make and sell your very own gourmet 100 percent grass-fed beef. Likewise, there are few agricultural activities that can be as frustrating to learn. Mistakes with animals on this scale can be large and devastating so it’s not only important to plan […]

Solubility Testing

Understanding Solubility & Paste Testing

Soil testing for low exchange capacity soils will help you develop a system that holds enough nutrients and maintains colloidal balance.

Chart of salt soil test examples

A Guide to Reading Soil Test Results

The following is how laboratory results are reported at Texas Plant & Soil Lab — other labs utilize similar terms.

Common Zinc Sources chart

Examples of How to Adjust to Your Soil Test Results

Every farmer needs to have the confidence that he is on a solid footing, and doing all he can to supply his crops the fertility needed from start to finish. Includes audio commentary from Neal Kinsey.

Corn stages are important to know as you plan your testing.

When Should I Test My Corn or Sorghum Plants?

There are three critical stages in corn (grain or sorghum) plants you should test around.