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Your soil is alive.

Learn about the creatures — seen and unseen — that have a role in the health of your soil and therefore the health of crops, livestock, farms, and the world.

Dung Beetles

Our mascot at Acres U.S.A, the dung beetle is ever-useful, and a very promising sign for those who are integrating livestock or manure with their soil development program.


Earthworms literally do the dirty work by helping break down organic matter into the vital nutrients your plants and crops need.

Soil Microbes

The latest science is pretty clear — when we spray toxins on our soil, we kill vital microbial life that brings the nutrients to our plants. Fostering microbial life will give you healthier soil and more resilient crops.


Fungi play a large role in soil health. The different varieties, and their roots, act to make the soil what it is. Learn to identify and care for the fungi in your soil – and it’s so important to do so.