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Opinion: Making the Case for Organic Certification (Terrance Layhew)

The kind of certification you receive verifies to the customer that you have been proven to hold the same values they care about.


Tractor Time Episode 30: Carey Gillam, Environmental Journalist, Author

Our guest today, Carey Gillam, is a veteran reporter who has been covering corporate America for 25 years, including Monsanto and most recently, Bayer. This year, she’s been busy covering the Monsanto trials, suing agencies under the Freedom of Information Act, and discovering an amazing array of corruption that is fueling the more than 11,000 […]

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Supporting the Soil Carbon Sponge

In nature, most plants won’t survive alone; they need these microbial associations. Mycorrhizal fungi are very important, but there are also nitrogen-fixing organisms in the rhizosphere, including blue-green algae, Azotobacter and Azospirillum. There’s a whole beautiful zoo of them. Plants produce plenty of sugars, and in effect they’re exchanging those sugars as root exudates with […]


A Hack for Making Winter Manure

Covering the manure is critical because you don’t want it to be too wet.


Preventing and Treating Pneumonia in Cow Herds

With all the variable weather of winter, alternating between rain, sharp winds, and chillier temperatures, it’s wise to keep an eye out for an increase in pneumonia each year.

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Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies in Cattle Herds

Nutritional deficiencies in cattle herds probably revolve more around micronutri­ent minerals than protein or energy, although poor energy intake will definitely hinder conception.