Sally Fallon MorellSally Fallon Morell apparently taps secret energy sources not available to most of us. A human dynamo of sorts, she advances the cause of traditional foods as a chef, cookbook author, polemicist, activist and nutrition researcher.

She was inspired in the early 1970s by the work of Weston A. Price (1870-1948), who travelled the world studying the diets and health profiles of native peoples, concluding that a diet rich in animal fats and containing the protective factors found in foodstuffs such as cod liver oil, liver and eggs make for robust children who grow up to benefit from a high immunity to illness.

Sally raised her four children on nutrient-dense foods as recommended by Price. They turned out sturdy and cheerful — with naturally straight teeth. As the youngsters began to attend school full-time, Sally began work on a comprehensive cookbook that would join Price’s findings with her training in French and Mediterranean cuisine. Now in its second edition, Nourishing Traditions, written with nutritional scientist Mary Enig, helped to provoke important discussions about the value of traditional foods. In 1999, she, her husband Geoffrey Morell and Dr. Enig founded the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Sally became a force to be reckoned with.

From that berth she waged relentless battle against the kneejerk enemies of raw milk as well as those who demonized animal fats and cholesterol for decades — mistakenly, as we now know. Somehow she found time to help establish the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and midwife a series of books into print, written by herself and others, via her role as owner and president of NewTrends Publishing. Most astounding of all, she moved to a 95-acre farm in Maryland about five years ago and got busy turning out award-winning raw cheese.

Downloadable interview with Sally Fallon MorellSally recently sat down with Acres U.S.A. to reflect on the past decades. That interview appears in the December 2015 issue of Acres U.S.A.

Read the interview here (PDF).