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Corn Plant Potential: Average Yields

By Dr. Harold Willis

The very most basic thing for growing really good crops is good soil. Soil that is not only high in fertility, but is alive with beneficial organisms.

The ideal soil for growing corn is deep (six or more feet), medium-textured and loose, well-drained, high in water-holding capacity and organic matter, and able to supply all the nutrients the plant needs.

Of course, not everyone has the per­fect soil, and corn isn’t so fussy that it can’t do well on less than ideal soil.

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High yields start with good seed and a good soil management system.

Average Corn Yields

from USDA Statistics


1931-35 22.8

1941-45 32.8

1951-55 39.1

1957 47.1

1960 54.7

1966 73.1

1969 85.9

1973 91.3

1979 109.7

1985 118.0

1990 118.5

2000 136.9

2010 137.1

Source: How to Grow Top Quality Corn