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Chick Nutritional Needs

Most baby chick feeds now are quite complete feeds onto themselves. They are sold in various small particulate, “crumbles” forms.

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Using the Toe Punch System With New Chicks

The numbers one through sixteen can be encoded into a chick via the toe punch system. These punches can denote the hatch from which the chicks came, the breeding pen that produced them, their time of hatch or other designation.

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Starting a Flock with Baby Chicks

By Kelly Klober If you opt to start your heirloom flock with day-old baby chicks, you will have to allow time for them to develop and purchase them in the numbers that will allow for full and proper culling as they grow and develop. The old rule of thumb has been to order at least […]

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Ordering Hatching Eggs: What to Expect

Some of the rarest breeds and emerging hot varieties are often only available as hatching eggs.


Cockerel or Pullet? Sexing Chicks

There are a number of visual clues that many use to sex their own birds. These are oftentimes little more than folklore and you certainly won’t use them to guarantee chick sexes to buyers. Still they may have some merit and are worth considering — just don’t use them to cull through rare and valuable […]

Cover of the book Talking Chicken

Book Excerpt: Talking Chicken

Commonly seen on many small farms now is a reworking of materials at hand to create a brooder unit adequate to house chick lots of fifty to one hundred head until they are three to five weeks of age. There is often an enclosed, heated zone at one end and a more open, meshed floor […]