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Graphic by Dr. Harold Willis.

Book of the Week: How to Grow Top Quality Corn, by Dr. Harold Willis

Corn does best with warm, sunny growing weather (75–86° F), well-distributed intermittent moderate rains, or irrigation (15 or more inches during the growing season), and 130 or more frost-free days. The U.S. corn belt has these soil and climatic conditions.


Book of the Week: Eco-Farm, An Acres U.S.A. Primer by Charles Walters

All of the confusion expressed above is further complicated by the nature of the weighted NPK formula system. A bag might say 0-0-60. Does this mean that in a 100-pound bag there are 60 pounds of K, the rest being inert filler? Not exactly.

Goats weeding lavender

Biodynamic Farming: Why It Works and How to Get Started

Within two years of biodynamic farming treatment, our vines looked healthy and vibrant. Our grape production doubled, coming up to where it should be for our soils and location at 3.5-4 tons per acre. We now practically dry-farm the grapes. In the last three years of severe drought in California, we have irrigated the vines […]