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Front cover of the book Honor System Marketing

Book excerpt: Honor System Marketing by Jeff Mcpherson

The book Honor System Marketing, by Jeff Mcpherson, shows you how to implement honor system marketing into your own operation. It offers multiple honor system examples, and details how to avoid common pitfalls, manage finances, and maintain a sense of optimism. This book shows how an honor system payment method can become a useful tool […]

Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm

Taking on Food Justice with Soul Fire Farm’s Leah Penniman

At Soul Fire Farm, Penniman takes the lead with farmer training, youth educational programming, and international solidarity with Haitian farmers and food justice organizing — all while continuing to be engaged with “anything that involves heavy lifting, sweat and soil.”

Tomatoes sold through the Puget Sound Food Hub.

Food Hubs Connect Growers, Consumers

Across the country, small to medium-sized farms are forming regional wholesale food hubs to market, aggregate and distribute locally produced food from farms to restaurants, hospitals, schools, universities, grocery stores and other institutions. These hubs help level the playing field with the competition from cheap, industrial produce trucked long distances, while benefitting the environment by […]

A local artist attracts the attention of two young farm visitors during a lavender farm's summer festival.

Agritourism: Tips for Getting Started

Agritourism as an additional revenue stream for the farm can be tempting for some. Possible experiences for farm visitors may include education about farming such as sheep-shearing demonstrations, entertaining activities such as gourd-painting classes, or simply the opportunity to observe the crops and animals on a working farm. Visitors can range from the local community to […]


Industrial Organics Competition

by JOEL SALATIN “Wal-Mart is the largest vendor of organic products.” This headline began appearing in news outlets about five years ago and announced a major change in the integrity food game. Hailed by some as a major positive breakthrough, others, like me, see it as a new threat to the ecological farming movement. In […]

Farmer sitting near pigs

Starting a Small-Scale Livestock Venture: Understanding Market Considerations

Kelly Klober A number of years ago a neighbor called with questions about starting a purebred swine operation in our area. It was going to be based on a breed not already present in the area, but one that was well-regarded and had been used often to produce some good, rugged cornfield shoats across the […]