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Instead of clean rows, some farmers have success with more biodiversity in their fields.

Soybean Planting: Intercropping and Rotations

Soybeans are also often grown in a double-cropping system, with two crops being grown in the same year.

Courtesy How to Grow Super Soybeans

Soybean Seedbed Preparation

Soybeans need a lot of moisture to germinate (50% of their weight). Soil moisture must be sufficient at planting depth.

GMO soybeans aren't necessary for high quality production

Are GMO Soybeans the Way to Go?

Considerable experience by sustainable and organic farmers has shown that it is not necessary to grow high-tech crops to obtain high yields and to pro­duce high quality, nutritious food.

Soybeans still in the field and ready for harvest.

Tips for Saving Soybean Seeds

Soybean seeds should be dried to about 13% moisture and kept in ventilated containers.

Alfalfa crop just after it is worked into the soil before organic corn is planted.

Corn Seedbed Preparation

There are several basic methods and many variations of ways to till the soil and prepare a good seedbed for corn planting. An ideal seedbed is warm, moist, well aerated but firm soil.

A variety of traditional maize seeds in Peru.

Choose the Right Corn Seeds

Seed should be chosen that contains desirable nutrient charac­teristics if you are growing grain or silage to feed animals. Among the hybrid varieties, there is a wide difference in protein quality and quantity. Most corn varieties are low in three essential amino acids, lysine, methionine, and tryptophan, so new hybrid varieties, general­ly called high-lysine corn, […]