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Acute allergic reactions happen in the bovine, sheep, goat and horse worlds that are quite severe and sudden. An animal will be normal in the morning and in the evening it will come in with swollen eyes, swollen vulva, and sometimes will have rapid, short respirations because the pharynx is swelling shut.

I have noticed that this usually occurs in the evening and in the summer on cattle that are pastured. They consume some protein or plant during the day that sets them off. Haylage-fed, confined animals will have an allergic reaction at any time, depending on when they eat the stored feed that is going to bother them.

This swelling is caused by edema (extra fluid) in the tissue. Very few animals will die from this, but they are in great distress.

This will dissipate as fast as it came. Animals will be over the crisis in 24 to 36 hours. Some swelling in the vulva may persist. Warm soap and water and massage on the edematous area will help, then apply Savvy Wound or Poke Oil and massage. Goats rarely have allergic reactions as they seem to both have and tolerate a more diverse diet than sheep or cattle.

Immunology, at this point in time in veterinary medicine, is an area of great interest, research and discovery. In the pharmaceutical world, the concept of a new antibiotic to be our savior is dead. We have learned the negative side-effects of antibiotics. All manufactured drugs eventually show their side-effects as they are not with the frequencies of life. Bacterial mutation by microorganisms is real.

This makes the new mutated organism resistant to the antibiotic. This happens in nature all the time. We then create a more virulent, hardy organism that is worse than its parent. This is happening with the most common herbicide, glyphosate, as there are fields of soybeans that are full of giant ragweeds that now seem to laugh at Roundup.

The drug world research has focused on the immune system to be our next panacea. They are learning much about the defensive mechanisms of an animal’s body to protect. There will be on the market very soon natural products to help fight viral and bacterial infections. Whether they will qualify for organic production is yet to be seen; it will depend on what all is bundled into it. Will they have negative side-effects and be as safe as the claims are on anything new? Only time will tell.

It has been discovered recently that our common anthelmetics (wormers) are not affecting internal parasites in the intestine. Any wormer that has been highly used in the last few decades is no longer effective. Parasites have mutated too, and they are now resistant. Research has shown that these drugs have only a 30–40 percent effectiveness due to a genetic mutation. The heavier the use, the quicker they mutate.

An eminent parasitologist from a highly recognized veterinary college at a continuing education course in the spring of 2018, suggested two paths that need to be explored. First we need to select the few animals that are naturally resistant to parasites and use their genetics, which would take a long time. Secondly, we need to look at the natural botanical world. This surprised me that he is actually looking at the natural world as Mother Nature cannot be patented. That means solutions will come out of the organic world, not the pharmaceutical world. The problem there is the FDA stands in the way. We can’t make claims and an NADA is required. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

About the Authors:

Paul Dettloff, D.V.M.was raised on a farm in Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine in 1967. Though he began as a conventional practitioner, he moved into the sustainable and organic/biological treatment of dairy and beef cows, sheep and goats using natural remedies, botanicals, homeopathy and holistic management of the soil and entire farm. He is an international authority on the natural farming and consults and lectures widely.

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Megan Dettloff-Meyer, L.Ac., MSOMis a nationally certified acupuncturist, Oriental medicine practitioner and diplomat in Chinese herbology. She operates Dr. Paul’s Lab, a maker of herbal remedies.

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