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How to estimate plant populations per acre.

How to Estimate Plant Populations Per Acre

An accurate estimate of plant population per acre can be obtained by counting using a formula and this graphic.

Evaluation your corn stalk color, look and feel can give you clues on its nutrition.

Corn Plant Nutrition

Information from Gary Zimmer & Charles Walters The following tables give an idea of corn’s nutrient requirements. It is not practical to have companion plants in most field situations, but it is possible to read deficiencies and surpluses of plant nutrients even without the certainty of a petiole test, a refractometer readout, or a laboratory’s […]

Graphic by Dr. Harold Willis.

Book of the Week: How to Grow Top Quality Corn, by Dr. Harold Willis

Corn does best with warm, sunny growing weather (75–86° F), well-distributed intermittent moderate rains, or irrigation (15 or more inches during the growing season), and 130 or more frost-free days. The U.S. corn belt has these soil and climatic conditions.